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I remember my introduction to recruiting like it was yesterday. I was a kid in Grade 11 playing volleyball for our senior girl’s high school team. At one game, a rather mysterious, concentrated man was sitting in the stands taking notes. He was watching intently which I remember thinking was quite odd. At the end of the match, my coach stood to the side of the bench in deep discussions with this mystery man. Later, we found out, this coach was there to recruit our older teammate in Grade 13. Not a misprint; we had to go to Grade 13 before graduating from high school. Oh, the torture! I completely forgot about it until the next day when my coach sent a note home to my parents indicating this recruiter was actually interested in me!

That’s how it was done back then. I hadn’t really thought about university at that point. In fact, to play NCAA volleyball was a long shot dream, and for someone else, hardly for me. I was an avid basketball player and only played volleyball because that is what we did as kids; if you played one sport, you played them all. We were the queens of cross training. 
Then one day, the package arrived… an official letter from the recruiting coach, himself! I was starstruck. I sent back the required questionnaire. The ball was rolling. As per the rules, recruits had to patiently wait until that final graduating year before we could even talk to those recruiters. There was no internet, no social media, heck, not even cell phones as you know it. So researching was cumbersome at best. But the recruiting coach monitored my progress and finally in Grade 13, we were officially introduced and had our first conversation.
The excitement was real. That was the year the flood gates opened for Canadian athletes. From my team alone, four of us were in serious talks with American coaches. No question, it was exciting times for me and my parents. We had no idea that my coach was the one who sent letters to NCAA schools. In retrospect, he actually was the first recruiting agency. Because of that initiative, I received letters from many U.S. universities, including Arizona, Arizona State, Florida State, Georgia and many more… and incredibly, my amazing mom kept every, single recruiting letter in a box which I still have today!
While the process has immensely changed, the recruiting principles have remained intact over the years. I actually have a very amusing story to share on an upcoming webinar about my recruitment. You won’t want to miss this. When you log on, just mention ‘VHS tape’ and prepare to laugh for the next hour!
My name is Dale Ann Melnick, the founder of Six Pack Recruiting Sports. Congratulations on the start of your very exciting, rewarding and awesome journey! I can’t wait to shout out ‘Committed’ with your name!

-Dale Ann Melnick, Founder of SPRS
Stetson • U of T • Simon Fraser • USC • Pepperdine • uSask • UNCW • Santa Clara • Notre Dame • McMaster • VIU • University of Windsor • York • Eckerd College • UAlberta • College of Charleston
"We really appreciate your insight and helpfulness in making a smooth transition in Brooklyn's volleyball career from High School to post secondary play. Throughout the process you have been very supportive, approachable, and positive. The entire process itself has given Brooklyn invaluable life experience on a variety of levels - professionalism in the workplace, being able to handle rejection, research skills, and a glimpse into the valuable asset of creating a resume of sorts through the biography process as well as personal growth of "sales and marketing" of oneself in competing for a "job" (a spot on a team's roster). There have been big life decisions that have been made with your support."
-Jason D., proud father of Six Pack Athlete, Brooklyn D.
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"Back in the fall of last year our family made the smart decision to hire Dale to help us navigate the complex process of US College recruiting. During this year and a half, Dale has proven to be an approachable, helpful and knowledgeable recruiter. She helped our daughter devise a step-by-step plan to cast a net of potential schools, communicate with coaches and put together a highly effective plan to get noticed. She then helped us narrow down the schools that she was interested in and assisted us with making our final decision. She was a wonderful liaison with coaches that we were in contact with and when the time came, was of great assistance in narrowing down our choices. If your child is interested in playing post-secondary volleyball and pursue their education in the U.S., I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hire Dale to help you."

-Nada D., proud mother of Kiki D., who was recruited to Stetson
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